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This page was updated on 09/21/2003

Updates to our 2001-2002 software packages. If left clicking does not cause a download to begin, right-click on the link and click on "Save link as..."

Updates cannot be used with versions numbered before 6.6

Complete downloads This is final version 5.7.58 of LSA SwimMeet. Updated 7-28-2000. Summary of changes
SwimTeam 6.7 Download version  6.7.1
 list of changes
SwimMeet 6.6 Meet 6.6.25 now available  

list of changes 9/21/2003

Lsa Help Files Support for Colorado Timing System's Mercury Scoreboard in Meet 5.7 Complete set of examples on writing HTML pages. Described in the LSA SwimMeet manual. Includes the complete Active Server Pages used for Querying the dbSwim database on a web site.
Time Standards Access databases of the 2001 Time Standards New and revised for 2001

Use with Team 6.6 and dbSwim. See How to Use Time Standards in Team 6  

DBSwim 1.4 Version 1.4, updated  1-17-2002