Instructions for Downloading Demonstration 

LSA Software for 2003

The software you download here is provided free of charge for 30 days. It will expire after that time and cannot be extended. We will provide the license key on request.

Download and install each of the following in that order:

bulletLSA SwimTeam 6.7.1 - unzip into a folder with the cab files below and run setup.exe
bulletDemo data
bulletSource code
bulletLSA SwimMeet 6.6.25 - unzip into a folder with the 4 cab files below and run setup.exe
bulletUsing Meet 6.6
bulletDemo data
bulletSource code
bulletLSA dbSwim 1.4 - This program is free to all web masters. Version 1.4 reads and writes Access 2000 databases. Feel free to download and use it to maintain your LSC's records. It is not time locked. The source code is available on request. - unzip into any temp directory and copy the remaining CAB files to that same directory. Run Setup.exe
bulletUsing dbSwim
bulletSource code
bulletUser's Manual
bulletPages 1-50 (5 meg)
bulletPages 51-100 (4 meg)
bulletPages 101-150 (3 MEG)
bulletPages 151-200 (2 MEG)
bulletDemonstration handout and description (PDF file)
bulletSwimMeet tutorial
bulletLSA SwimMeet 5.7 (unzip using Winzip and run setup.exe)
bulletYou can print out the demo handout and tutorial files using Adobe Acrobat.



SwimMeet 6.5

bulletUsing SwimMeet

SwimMeet 5.7

bulletDefining a meet
bulletEntering swimmers
bulletScratching and makine a web page psych sheet
bulletSeeding and Entering results

SwimTeam 6.5

bulletA complete movie showing swimmers, times, plots, meet entry and making a web page of your team's entry.

Lotus ScreenCam Player (does not work on Windows 2000)

bulletfor Windows 95/98
bulletfor Windows NT 4.0