Very Truly Yours, Gilbert and Sullivan



May 26-28, 2000

Seated:  Jennifer Ladd (horn), John Roberts, Elena Rasch Speidel, Debbie Grossman, Rick Churchill, Muriel Minot, Stuart Rubinow, David Zajic, Erin McDonough, Rhonda Liss, Rachel Sass, Thomas Gardner, Ann Chatham, Paula Goldsmid, Willi Horner Johnson, Claire R. Miller.
 Standing:  Peter Gibeau, Jon Teske, Emily Ravich, Adam Tully (bass),Karalee Poschman, Andrea Cawelti, Rica Mendes-Barry, Vera Rose Savage, Kara Pekar, Andrea Raab, Sally Ann Denmead, Jonathan Stinson, Jennifer Wamsley-Bertoni, Pamela Mann, James Wolf, James Ellis, Richard Swain, Alice van Ausdal Hotopp, George Calger, Bill Stevens, Chris Brown, Gayden Wren, Daniel Carmichael, Laura Shay, Jim Cooper, Charlie Lermond, David Kurtenbach, Dennis Rosenbaum, Franklin Porath, Anne Cushman, Christopher Tebbens (flute), Sara Elizabeth Holliday, Sarah Ficke, Mystery Man, Alison Gent, Douglas Gerlach, Bill Curtis, Glenn Gall.
Forty-two Oberlin College alumni and students from the classes of 1954-2003 gathered in Hall Auditorium in Oberlin, Ohio to present a production of "Very Truly Yours, Gilbert and Sullivan," by Gayden Wren, '83

We put together the entire show in less than 2 days, having all had our parts long in advance. And while we didn't know each other before, we all knew G&S and people like each other.

It was a tremendous success. Over 1000 people came to our 3 performances and it renewed all of our dedication to G&S, fellowship, singing and the theatre. Thanks to everyone, especially Gayden for pulling it all together.


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The Cluster Singers(1964-66)

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