How to Install

New LSA 2000 Help Pages

Downloads are at bottom of page! Please read this before downloading!

These new LSA Help files completely replace any older LSA Help files you may have.
We suggest you install them as soon as you can.

With the addition of clearer graphics to our web pages and more extensive information, the full new LSA Help system for all the LSA programs comprises about  8 1/2 Mb of space on your hard drive.

If space is limited, you might only want to install the Help files and folders for only those programs that you use on each computer.

For example
In the computer that you use on deck, install the Main, MiscHelp., and Meet 5.7 Help (including the Tutorial and File Import Wizard sections) and/or Meet 6.5 Help files. While, in the computer that you use only for doing meet entries, you might want to install only the General, Misc. and Team 6.5 Help files and folders.
If you use the Meet 6.5 program to convert other vendors results into LSA files for web page generation or to print results for your team, you might want to add the Meet 5.7: File Import Wizard portion of the  Help files.

Please understand that if you do not install all of the Help files and folders, those links that relate to the parts not installed will be inoperable. They will be activated only if you subsequently install those sections.

We suggest deleting all of the previous Help files and folders before you start installing the new Help files. Otherwise stray old files may remain in your folders without any links to them. [The installation of the General Help pages may delete part of your previous installation if you had  installed it in the c:\swim4\Help folder.]

If you added or altered  any pages to suit your own usage, please make sure to copy those files elsewhere, before installing these updated Help files. You can copy them back into the Help system after the new installation is complete.You can make any links to them that you need by altering the index or content pages yourself.

If changes, updates, or new programs necessitate new Help pages, it is envisioned that only those changed pages or new pages will be posted for download.
If so, you will need to download and install these sections for the programs before any such upgrade can be installed.

Please watch our web site for any notices of new Help pages.



DO NOT save these double zipped,  self-extracting zip files files in the SWIM4 folder with your program files.

DOWNLOAD  and SAVE these zip files in any other  separate TEMPORARY FOLDER.
You can make a new temporary folder or use a folder that you  already have on your computer's hard drive.

Use Windows Explorer to locate the downloaded zip files.
If you have WinZip already installed on your computer, right-click each downloaded zip file to expand out the installation file, by choosing Extract to...... and choose a folder in which to save it.

Start with which will expand out the installation file Main.exe. [The installation file names all end in .exe. ]
Still in Windows Explorer, locate the installation file  you just extracted and  doubleclick the file name to start the installation process.
the instructions that show up, click on OK, then click on Unzip.

Although you get an opportunity to amend the folder name where you can put the expanded Help files, any location other than c:\swim4\help will not be accessible by the various programs Help menu items.

After these zip files have been downloaded, saved, and expanded into the htm Help files you can delete the saved zip files that you downloaded from your temporary folder.
You can also delete any installation files (ending in .exe) that may have also been saved in the process.

General 174Kb You must download and install this file to use any of the Help files Trouble Downloading? Site busy?
If you have trouble downloading from the links to the left (timing out or hanging), print this page for reference and then

In the linked directory page try clicking on the file names with your right-mouse button. (a/k/a right-clicking.)

Choose Save Link as or Save Target As from the presented list of choices.

If you still have trouble getting the files downloaded, please click here to email Support and we will send the files by email attachment to you. Please specify which ones you want.

Misc. 232Kb You must download and install this file
Meet 5.7.5
Download and install these files  if you use the Meet 5.7 program
Meet 6.5
Download and install these files  if you use the Meet 6.5 program
Team 6.5
Download and install these files  if you use the Team 6.5 program
DbSwim 764Kb Download and install this file if you use the dbSwim program
Meet 5.7.5 File Import Wizard 122Kb Download and install this file if you use the Meet 5.7 program
and/or the File Import Wizard module

Please note all file sizes shown are approximate.                                                

LSA 2000 Help files first uploaded 12/1999.  Last Updated 01/11/2000 for easier download only. No document changes.