Compatibility with Hy-Tek(tm) and other Swim Software Packages

Most swim software packages (Championship Technolgies, Easy Meet, Sams, etc) support the US Swimming defined SDI (standard data interchange) file format. The current version is now call SDI verion 3 and files in this format have the .SD3 extension by convention.
We can export entries and import results from either Team program in SDI format.
We can also import these entry files and export SDI result files from LSA SwimMeet.
Software from Hy-Tek does support SDI, but also more publicly provides a pseudo-SDI format complete with a proprietary checksum. These files have a .cl2 extension and are usually called cfile01.cl2, etc.  Users of 1999 Hytek programs should use the SD3 files we produce: they have been checked and are compatible according the that vendor's experts. Contact LSA for details.
We can export SDI files which can be read by 1998-99 versions of Commlink.
We can also import Commlink entry files and export result files from LSA SwimMeet into a file acceptable to CommLink.
Hytek has indicated that they will continue to provide SD3 support in future versions although they may drop Commlink for a encoded proprietary format.
The current version of LSA SwimMeet, 5.7 and LSA SwimTeam Pro, 6.2 , support these improvements. As always, you can download the updates from the LSA web site.