LSA SwimMeet 6.6 for the Millenium!

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LSA SwimMeet 6.6 is now available. Some of the new features of SwimMeet 6.6 include:

Supports Omega timing systems as well as Colorado and Daktronics
Supports semi finals
Supports Access 2000 as well as Access 7 databases
Colorado Mercury/Myriad scoreboard
Multiple scoring classes assignable by event.
Runs in Windows 95/98/NT using an Access database to store all the meet data.
1,2 and 3-level event scoring.
Prints Check-in sheets as well as scratch sheets.
Some LSCs prefer to have swimmers check in individually with the Clerk of Course instead of having coaches report scratches. We now provide these useful sheets for each session.
Entries entered in database immediately without Build Database step.
Can easily delete any entry, swimmer, or team.
Event pricing selectable by individual event.
Sessions can be made up of non-contiguous events.
Scratch by team or by event
New faster swimmer entry screen

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Floating timing system interface window.

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Multiple views of meet

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wpe3.jpg (53484 bytes)
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