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Lab Software Associates

Software Architecture Consulting

Lab Software Associates provides expertise in Medical and Text Analytics. We specialize in finding unique web-based visual solutions for representing data in your business or technical systems.

 Lab Software Associates provides software architecture design and consulting services. We provide expertise in graphical web clients and Java and PHP servers, utilizing any of a number of well-known databases.

Our Solutions

Lab Software Associates helps you find novel visual solutions to your web-based systems. We work with you beginning by determining a well-defined vision, goals and requirements.

  • Active stakeholder participation is required to assure a successful project.
  • Joint development, testing and continual feedback to assure success.

Our  successful project with you will include:

  • Training your staff in the techniques we employ.
  • Thorough user and technical documentation.
We are specialists in object-oriented programming solutions using Java servlets, JavaScript clients and Ajax.