Cooking for Graduate Students

and other beginning Kitchen Dwellers

by Jim and Vicki Cooper

Third Edition, November, 2008

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From the Introduction:

Some years ago, my roommate and I were graduate students living together and reasonably disgusted with our culinary abilities and our general food situation. We decided to teach ourselves how to cook. We watched Julia Child and took notes (we couldn't afford her books, yet). We talked to our friends and parents and got advice and accumulated tools and learned techniques.

Gradually we discovered that this was really pretty simple and while you could spend a lot of money on fancy food ingredients, you could do pretty well with the basics and improve how you ate regularly. Finally, we decided that dinner parties were far cheaper ways of entertaining than taking dates out to restaurants, and we could serve what we like much more economically. It was through these dinner parities that we both met our wives, and we both have been happily married for over 35 years. And further, all four of us still cook!

So, Vicki and I decided to share what we learned cooking together, not only during graduate school, but what we have learned since. The fundamental message is:

Itís fun to cook and lots cheaper than the alternatives.