The selection of Barnes and Noble College Bookstore division as the proprietor of the bookstore, replacing the defunct Co-Op led to predictable student criticism. 

In defense of the decision, it was noted that this is NOT the pop bookstore division, but one devoted to managing college bookstores and in which each one is unique and tailored to the community.

Nancy Dye also noted that the era of small, private bookstores appears to be at an end.

Before editing the rock said, "Barnes and Noble. Bad News for Oberlin."   Before editing, the rock said "Barnes and Noble, your corporate Greed is not Welcome."
It is much too soon to reach a conclusion. The bookstore opened for Commencement weekend as part of the deal. They had little top sell but the leftover CO-Op stock and some shirts. They did have a good deal on half priced classical CDs. I hope this does not mean they will no longer sell classical music.