The File Import Wizard zap3.BMP (566 bytes)

Here's your chance to take meet entries and results and convert them to LSA SwimMeet files.
Take any SDIF file (such as those generated by Htk CommLink) and import them using the Import Wizard.
wpe2E.jpg (9204 bytes) wpe2F.jpg (22220 bytes) wpe30.jpg (17076 bytes) wpe31.jpg (17076 bytes)
Start the Wizard Select the meet Select a meet file name and create the meet
Start up LSA SwimMeet and click on wpe2D.jpg (1908 bytes)
This will generate beautiful frame-indexed meet psych sheets and results like
these from Connecticut,
these from the Wilton Wahoos,
these from Colorado, and
these from Arkansas.
The File Import Wizard ships free with the LSA SwimTeam Pro package.