LSA Swim Team Pro 6.6

for Windows 95/NT/2000

LSA SwimTeam Pro 6.6 is a powerful new Windows 95 program for keeping all your team records.

Provides 2001 USS LSC Registration forms
Keep all meet results
By course, meet and date
Import from LSA or SDI data files automatically
We even import major splits and relay lead-off times
Keep family address information
Print rosters, and
mailing labels
Bill meet entry fees
Includes splash fees
per-swimmer charges
divides up realy entry fees among eligible swimmers
Elegant, professional meet entry sheets
Best times
all times
Delinquent fees
Best times for all swimmers
Top 10 times for team
and many more...
wpe1D.jpg (57174 bytes)
View swimmers by family
Active or all families


wpe1E.jpg (49885 bytes)
View by squad
and sex
Shows best times for any selected swimmer
by course
wpe1F.jpg (26101 bytes)
View performance charts by stroke
over several meets
over several years
wpe20.jpg (37307 bytes)
View results by meet