SwimMeet 5.6

Selected for use at the 1995 and 1999 Special Olympics World Games

Easy to use graphical interface
How to put your team on the web!
Put your results on the web.
Supports laser and pinfeed labels
Automatic result printout in rulebook order
Fast scoring
Special Olympics and Masters meets
Personalized team results
Complete support for exchange of data with other programs using USS SDI format.
Automatic, intelligent conversion of swimmer names to mixed case.
Fast graphical definition of meet events and cutoffs
Minimum and maximum event cutoff times
Automatic addition of A,B cutoffs.
Simple specification of prelims/finals and timed finals.

Automatic computation of touchpad time correction, as per USS rules
Supports Colorado, Daktonics and Omega timing systems
Handles two simultaneous Colorado or Daktronics timing systems (for 2-course meets)
Nonconforming times
Editing of splits
Age calculation from any date
Computation of swimmers per team in each session for work assignments
Fast visual scratching
Flexibility and ease of use of Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.
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Correct missed pads automatically whenener there is a > ).30 second discrepancy using out unique auto time correction alogirhtm. Conforms to USS rule 102.17.5.
Elegant, professional looking heat sheets and results
Meet manager and surcharge reports
Computation of session time line
Verification totals on each entry sheet
One and two-column printouts of all types of programs
Prints Canadian pin-feed seed cards.
Supports all popular printers- Use any Windows fonts.