Lab Software Associates Products

LSA SwimMeet 6.5
The new standard in Windows 95/98/NT meet management. A totally new, even easier to used integrated package with dozens of new features.
File Import Wizard
Here's the way to take meet results from that clunky DOS program or any other meet program and import them into LSA SwimMeet. Then you can build web pages of your meet results print out professional reports. Now built into SwimMeet 5.7.
HT Switchkit
Take your swim team's HT data and convert it so you can use a real Windows program for managing your team, USS billing and roster.
LSA SwimTeam Pro 6.5
The ultimate team managment package for Windows 95. Keeps all courses and all meet results for all of your swimmers. Generates meet entries, coach and swimmer reports. Bills swimmers for meet entry fees. Prints rosters, and bills to send home.
LSA SwimMeet 5.7
The most popular Windows swim program in the world! Easy to use meet entries, seeding, psych sheets, results sheets, on-deck scratching and seeding, timing system interfaces and our unique USS rule compliant automatic missed pad correction.
With dbSwim, you can create an Access database of all of the swimmers in your league or LSC and post their best times on the web every week. It also allows you to create reports of the top swims in any age group and sex.
We'll Run Your Meet!
Lab Software Associates will run your meet for you. We'llreceive the entries, enter them, print your psych sheets and post them on the web. We'll even run the computer at your meet sessions and we'll post the results back onto the web for you.
Cooking for Graduate Students
What do retired swimmers eat? Check out our on-line cookbook.