The HT SwitchKit

You can use the HT Switchkit features of LSA SwimTeam Pro to convert your HT team files to a real, professional Windows 95 program. Then you have access to all the meet entry, team record keeping, graphics and roster capablities of SwimTeam Pro.
There are two ways to import your team information.
Create a meet for each course containing all events as Senior events with not cut-off times.
Use Ht Team Manager, enter your swimmers into this meet.
Export the entry file using CommLink using B, R or B, S
Export your roster using CommLink and the B, F commands.
Import your roster into Team 6.0 Pro using File | Import | SDI Contact files
Import your team's best times using File | Import | SDI Team Results
You can also import the team best times without the roster if you aren't keeping records of family names and addresses

Importing Meet Entries from HT teams in LSA SwimTeam

Place the diskette containing the SDI or CommLink file in your diskette drive.
From SwimMeet 5.6, click on wpe2.jpg (1744 bytes)
Then, on the Entry screen, click on wpe3.jpg (7785 bytes)
Select the CommLink File from the diskette (usually cfile01.cl2) and read it in.
Warning! Most HT Teams don't manipulate their filenames very well because of the weak CommLink interface, so be careful in copying files to your meet directory. They may all be named cfile01.cl2.