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We have recorded the actual screen activity from both SwimTeam and SwimMeet. You can download the files below and unzip them. Then download the free Lotus ScreenCam player (for Win95 or Win NT) and unzip it. You can play the movies by starting the scplayer.exe file and selecting one of the moves (the unzipped files have the ".scm" extension for ScreenCam).

SwimMeet 6.5

Using SwimMeet 6.5

SwimTeam 6.5

Using SwimTeam

SwimMeet 5.7

Defining a meet
Entering swimmers
Scratching and makine a web page psych sheet
Seeding and Entering results
A complete movie showing swimmers, times, plots, meet entry and making a web page of your team's entry.

Lotus ScreenCam Player

for Windows 95/98
for Windows NT 4.0